Food Additive

Food Additive Linked to Miscarriages

While natural and wholesome foods have long been recognized as beneficial to human health, recent years have seen a steady drumbeat of articles and studies indicating that some additives which go into processed foods can be detrimental to health.

Now comes news that trans fatty acids, a common ingredient of processed foods, may be linked to an increased risk of miscarriage among expectant mothers.  Trans fatty acids are already known for the unhealthy role they play in the development of coronary heart disease.  New studies done by Dr. Charles J. Glueck of Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and colleagues also find a higher incidence of miscarriage among women who consume high levels of trans fats.  Nor are these two maladies likely to be the last laid at this particular door.

Why is it, then, that the often empty calories of popular snack foods especially so often come laced with trans fats as well as excessive salt and questionable sweeteners?  And why do consumers continue to purchase such products?

Why indeed.  Wholesome, natural foods have never really left the marketplace; It’s just that convenience has played an increasingly important role when it comes to our choices in food.  And there’s the rub.  In its extreme form, this quest for convenience above all else means that processed foods — too often in the form of junk foods — have become a regular part of our diet.  Often through the medium of food vending machines at schools and places of work.

There do certainly exist healthier nutrition choices in the form of fruit, nuts and whole grain products.  And they are widely sold, even through these very same vending machines.  The YoNaturals Corporation has in fact made a growing business of it, distributing over one-hundred varieties of natural and wholesome snack and drink choices through vending machines offering their brand nationwide.

The real wonder, perhaps, is that the vending market for “convenient yet healthy” foods isn’t growing at an even faster pace than it already is!

By substituting better choices in place of those foods least likely to promote personal health, consumers can make a difference to their own futures in a way that is both convenient and delicious.  And food and drink vendors can help by recognizing and taking advantage of a trend that is sure to continue on into a healthier future for us all.foodadd