Overweight Children

Overweight Children, Underweight Solutions?

Too many of America’s children are struggling with weight problems.

It might be tempting for some to wonder if the problem of childhood obesity couldn’t simply be legislated away with draconian food laws that take the unhealthiest processed foods off our nation’s grocery shelves and out of vending machines.

There is certainly every reason to want to.  The latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for instance, shows that the obesity rate among American children now tops sixteen percent, and that fully thirty-two percent are overweight.  Eleven percent actually qualify as “extremely” obese.

These numbers represent troubling new records — for yet another consecutive year — and a cause for growing concern among parents, educators and others who care about where all this is leading.  And what the implications may be for our public healthcare system as overweight children grow into unhealthy adults with a plethora of weight-related health problems.

The response of major food companies has also been far from reassuring.

But can we seriously expect them to undermine the potential of established products, or the profits which they legitimately owe to stockholders and employees?  With billions of dollars tied up in product development and advertising alone, major food producers seem unwilling to make meaningful changes to the formulas of those fat-saturated and calorie-handicapped products which nutrition experts most frequently cite.  And yet, producers are also reluctant to appear totally insensitive to the problem.  The result? — often superficial fat and caloric content reductions in food product lines which barely dent the colossus of concern their products play such a heavy role in creating.

YoNaturals has long been ahead of the curve in offering natural, nutritional solutions to a marketplace desperately looking for better options.  With over one-hundred wholesome snack food and drink products, made specifically to provide consumers with healthier choices, the company stands out as one which understands that the necessary search for profit need not forsake a sense of public-spiritedness.  And can indeed coexist rewardingly with it.

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